Beyond the Stars – BOOK 2 of the Dimensions Series

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Can James save Miriam from herself?

Miriam never imagined that the wildest thing she’d do on her honeymoon would be creating a giant water dome. Suddenly she’s shaping matter as she so wishes, going through walls, and even spacewalking without a suit. But Miriam’s new abilities are putting her mate in danger. Even worse, if Miriam doesn’t stop the process soon, she’ll become space dust. Literally.

When Miriam and James go on a journey to find answers, they become tangled in a war that will shape the galaxy. They must hurry, though. Miriam’s condition is getting worse, and it might not only doom her, but the one man she swore to protect.

Beyond the Stars is the second book in The Dimensions sci-fi romance series.

Book 1- From the Stars

Book 2 – Beyond the Stars

“This book has compelling characters, a plot that keeps you turning the page, and a romance that will make you swoon and your heart ache.”

Amazon Reviewer

“C.S.Wilde has a great light-hearted way of telling stories that makes you turn page after page until you have only the back cover left – if I have to say anything negative, it is that it ended too soon, I want more!”

Amazon Reviewer