The second installment of the Angels of Fate series is FINALLY HERE! *happy dance*!

“I lost everything. Now I’m about to lose myself.”

Liam Striker has been through a lot in his life, but nothing quite like this. As he adapts to his new reality, he joins a mission to find out who’s behind the attacks on the In-Betweens.

Meanwhile, Ava tries to kill the evil that rots the Order from inside. But it’s not as easy as she’d hoped, especially when she must work so closely to Ezra, the angel she used to love for an entire century.

This book demanded a lot from me. It certainly made me grow as a storyteller. A LOT. But it was really, really fun to write, except for when I was curling into a ball and crying in the corner of my office.

CURSED DARKNESS is basically Liam’s book. So I figured why not share a snippet featuring our favorite renegade?

Happy release day to me, wohoo! 🙂



When Liam was seven, he found his mother dead on the living room floor, her mouth hanging open and dripping vomit, her body twisted in a way that made her resemble a broken twig.

He called—cried, bellowed—for help, and then came the neighbors, followed by the police and the state people. Soon enough, Liam found himself part of an adoptive family in which the woman was always angry and the man looked at him in a funny and far from fatherly way.

He stayed there for a week. Then he ran and ran, and even when the air burned his lungs, and his body begged to stop, he kept running.

One day, a stranger with sandy blond hair and kind gray eyes picked him up from the streets, saying Liam was actually an angel reborn as a human. The stranger claimed he’d been looking for Liam for a long time.

Liam had laughed—and nervously looked around for either an escape route or someone to help. But the man offered food and shelter, and it was raining, and Liam was so hungry he was sure his stomach chewed on itself.
The man was good on his word, though. He gave Liam a roof and food as promised, and he didn’t look at him funny. The latter was the only reason why Liam had the deepest sleep of his life during his first night at Archie’s.

When Liam told him about his adoptive family, Archie said nothing. His eyes merely grew a shade darker, and then he left.
A day later, Liam saw the man who looked at him funny dead on the TV. Apparently, he’d been funny to a whole lot of foster kids.

When Archie came home later that night with take-out, Liam knew. He just knew.

As he stared at his own plate, he muttered, “Aren’t angels supposed to be good?”

“No, kid,” Archie spoke through a mouthful of food. “We’re supposed to slay monsters.”

And that was that.