I’m a GIANT nerd.

Not literally, though that would be cool. If you think about it, I’m a tall person, so I could be categorized as a giant nerd. Anyway, I digress.

As you know, From the Stars has tons of Star Wars references. Seriously, I dare you to catch all the times someone says, “I have a bad feeling about this”. Make it a drinking game, if you will.

So of course the second book in the series, Beyond the Stars, would be no different. This baby is out today, May the 4th, because it’s another way I have of paying homage to one of my favorite franchises out there. So if you like Star Wars (and a little bit of Romance), you’ll probably LOVE…

The Dimensions Series

Can James save the woman he loves from herself?

Miriam’s shaping matter as she so wishes, going through walls, and even space-walking without a suit. But her new abilities are putting James in danger. Even worse, if Miriam doesn’t stop the process soon, she’ll become space dust. Literally.

When Miriam and James go on a journey to find answers, they become tangled in a war that will shape the galaxy. They must hurry, though. Miriam’s condition is getting worse, and it might not only doom her, but the one man she swore to protect.

Beyond the Stars is the second book in The Dimensions sci-fi romance series.

Book 1- From the Stars

Book 2 – Beyond the Stars


That’s it from me today. If you excuse me, I’m gonna rewatch Rogue One 😉