Have you ever looked at a fellow author and thought:

“Wow, I wish I could write books that fast.”

“Wow, I wish I could earn that much.”

“Wow, this dream of mine is never going to work, there are so many authors out there who are doing way better than I am.”

“Who am I kidding, I suck!”

Well, if you have, let me stop you right here, because you need to start measuring your success based on your own journey, not others people’s.

  • If it took you ten years to write one book, but only five to write the next one, you’re a success.
  • If you’re earning $5 a month with your books instead of nada, you’re successful.
  • If you had a nice review just the other day, you’re successful (a complete stranger read your book, how cool is that?)
  • If it took you longer than another author to write a book, that’s your timing and you need to respect it. (An example: I see a lot of writers shouting out that they’re churning like ten books a month, and they’re earning lots with them, but most of these writers are stay-at-home moms or they work full-time as writers. I however, happen to work 80% on the day job. And I like it. Of course my journey is going to take longer than a stay-at-home mom’s, because they have more time to invest in their writing. And that’s totally fine. Because I’m measuring my success based on my own shit, not theirs.)

So whenever you doubt yourself, remember:

  • You’re doing your best.
  • Be patient.
  • Keep learning.
  • Keep rocking.