Why do some authors release a bland post when their book’s out, saying, “My book is out. Available on Amazon. Buy now!”

“Buy now?” Seriously?

I hate posts like that so much that I literally lose my shit over this (by the way, the misuse of ‘literally’ here makes for a super gross mental picture, doesn’t it?)

Why would any reader invest on you because you’re TELLING them to do so? How do they even know that they like you as a writer?

Engage with your readers. Don’t tell them to buy your book, SHOW them first how awesome your stories can be.

Then once your book is out, you can write nice, entertaining posts about it (like this, or  this , or this.) Its totally fine to go into marketing mode once you release a book, just make sure to tie it up with interesting stuff.

“Buy now.” It reads like spam, doesn’t it? Even worse, it reads like I’m ordering my readers to buy my book. ORDERING.

Fuck that. No one likes to be ordered to do stuff. Your fans will buy your books because they are intrigued by them. You know who says “Buy my book?”

ROBOTS, that’s who. And not even cool robots like Chappie, nooo, only lame, annoying robots do that.


So to my fellow authors out there, don’t be a lame robot. Be a cool one.

Be Chappie.