Because you can, if you want to.

My personal approach to saving the world is focusing on two categories:

  • Human Efforts
  • Ecological Efforts

Human Efforts: 

It’s a pretty grim situation: Twelve-year-old girls were kidnapped in Nigeria just because they went to school. Children are drowning while escaping the war in Syria, and Gaza is in such a state of destruction, that it will not be able to support human life by 2020.

The list is endless. While some parts of the world live in a safe bubble, others continue to exist in the stone age, where women’s rights don’t exist, religion and state are one, and there’s absolutely no way to move forward.

But there is an answer to that problem: EDUCATION.

Focusing on that is the Malala Foundation (Malala was shot by the Taliban when she was thirteen because she fought for her right to go to school.) Now she brings education to places where it’s much needed.

One educated child might change the world, but thousands of educated children certainly will.

At, you can sponsor a child, but you can also donate any amount to help them get food, medicine and proper education.

Doctors without borders is an old friend of the world, and needs your help too.

There are tons of other ways to help people living in critical areas, you just need to google for a cause that’s close to your heart, and then TAKE ACTION.

Ecological Efforts:

Finding sustainable ways to interact with our planet is key to our survival.

But what can I do, you ask?

Well, other than generating less trash, or saving water, or  informing yourself, you can fund a research.

Like this one, which wants to verify if certain bacteria can turn light into fuel.

Or you can find 50 ways to help the planet.

Or you could help clean up the ocean.

Or you could adopt renewable energy sources, like installing solar panels on your home to diminish your energy consumption (a win-win for everyone involved, really).

There are many ways to lessen human impact on the planet, just google and you’ll find them. Also, start demanding more action from corporations and governments. (By the way, F*** you, Volkswagen!)

Look, if the world “ends”, we’re all royally fucked. ALL OF US.  And here’s the deal:

Your actions alone can’t save the world.But if thousands and thousands of people decide to save the world, we might just make it.

That’s why I ask you to share this post.  We’re all on the same boat (and the boat is sinking, people). But we can change the situation, we can make a difference. Together.

So save the world today. It only takes a few clicks.