Yes, it has happened. I am older (though if we think about it, we’re older every passing day, minute, and second, so, what gives? Idk, man.)

Anyway, I have mixed feelings about my birthday. I mean, it’s always a cool opportunity to take a day off and enjoy a sunny day with my husband at the lake, a husband who happens to have a striking similarity to this guy:


(Minus the abs, that is. I like having some meat to grab, taut muscles are so overrated)

So all of this is cool, but at the same time… I’M OLDER. We’re all slowly dying, people!

My best friend said that I was growing smarter like Yoda, because apparently, when we’re young we’re stupid (most of the time, I guess?) So according to her, getting older = getting smarter, and I’m not sure if she’s really my best friend anymore. I mean, she should know that I’m the living proof against that argument.

Anyway. Even if it were true, Yoda gets no hot chicks, and Yoda lives isolated in a crappy swamp planet. Yoda is cool, but BEING YODA SUCKS.



So that’s it. Our boobs will get saggy and our skin will wrinkle… and life will keep being a pretty wonderful thing.

 We might get older, but the journey we’ve been through is totally worth it.

So that’s my birthday rant/ realization of this year. Plus, I’m married to Tarzan, so I’m cool.

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Did it work? Tell me it did, ’cause then it’ll mean that I’m a Jedi, and fuck this shit, I’m off to Naboo.

PS: A hot Jedi. Like Obi-wan, okay? Not like Yoda.