The Fae Courts of Hollowcliff


Resilient. Proud. Takes no shit from others.

If the Summer Court was a Harry Potter house, it would be Gryffindor ( back when the house wasn’t so corrupt, at least).

Members are brave, strong, and always put their court first.




Mysterious. Quiet. Bookworms.

This curious Court hasn’t shown up in the Hollowcliff universe. YET.





Positive. Kind. Humorous.

Fiercely Hufflepuff.

Members are giving, supportive, yet highly influenced by the bigger courts, such as Summer and Autumn.



Smart. Practical. Logical.

Totally Ravenclaw.

Pragmatic and down-to-earth, this court always chooses the most efficient and rewarding path. It’s not always the right one, though.┬áNo wonder they are the strongest light court alongside Summer.



Snarky. Calculating. Merciless.

Very Slytherin.

The Night Court deals with a tragic past. Observing, astute, and fiercely loyal to their own, this house knows how to be self-sufficient.

They may meddle in Hollowcliff business to help, or they may just sit back and smile as they watch the world burn. Depends on their mood.



Diplomatic. Detached. Slightly arrogant.

This mysterious Court hasn’t shown up in the Hollowcliff universe. YET.