All right. Soooo, I’m officially building a VIP list of readers at THE AWESOME LAUNCH TEAM, which basically means this:


fromstarsbook2 A Courtroom of Ashes - 3D2

Can we re-read that again with that ‘let’s get ready to rumble’ guy’s voice?

Anyway, if you simply like this post or comment, that will be super mega duper cool. In fact, I’ll be the happiest gal on Earth if you do. Seriously.

But if you ARE interested, then I’ll tell you that the Awesome Launch team is a VIP version of the Kick-ass Team with unlimited access to all my books before they’re released, FOR FREE. But there’s a catch: You gotta write a review 1-2 weeks before the books go out.

As far as catches go, I’m hoping that’s not so bad. Oh, did I mention all the awesome swags you’ll get, like T-shirts, mugs, the whole shebang, and also: A FERRARI?

Promo ACOA santy

Okay, fine. I was lying about the Ferrari bit.

If you’re on my reviewers list already, sit tight because you’ll get a personalized e-mail with some cool stuff a few weeks before launch! PS: You rock, and I’ll show you how much I appreciate your support. Expect awesomeness, you incredible, beautiful people!

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