So here I am, scrolling down my WordPress reader feed, sorting through the posts with the tag “Writing”, and then I find a bunch of brilliant writing with zero likes or comments.

Seriously, there’s a bunch of talented authors out there who are simply invisible because they don’t know how social media works.

It’s all about engagement, people.

Anyway. I’m all about encouraging talented writers, so I go ahead and leave them a message. “Hey, great job!”, or “Hey, I liked this!”, and I click ‘like’ on their posts too, because their writing deserves some love.

And then I never hear back from those authors again. This is super common (specially amongst newbies).

Look, it’s a simple rule: Engage with your audience.

When someone reaches out to you, reach out to them, especially if they say they like your work. Check their blogs, figure out how they would fit in your audience, earn fans, or perhaps, find some writerly friends along the way. But ENGAGE, otherwise your beautiful words will remain forever lost in cyberspace.

And something tells me that’s NOT what you want. ; )

In other news:

I’m building a list of honest reviewers for “A Courtroom of Ashes” and “Tales of Love and Emeralds”. If you regularly review books on Amazon or Goodreads, and would like to review my little fellas, please make sure to let me know (click on the tab “CONTACT” or on the pictures below).

Don’t forget to say which book you’d like to review, and I’ll shoot over a free copy to you before they go live. That simple.

Free books, yay!

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