So this happened.

Yup, John Scalzi closed a ten year deal (thirteen books) for 3.4 Million with Tor Books, and that’s FANTASTIC! 

Kudos to you John Scalzi, and keep being awesome!

However, a lot of people out there (mostly writers) are saying that $261 k per book is not that much, not really. Others claim that they can’t  understand why or how Mr. Scalzi got such a great deal, given his work is so…average.


Look, guys, I’m just your average writer, trying to make ends meet.  Worse of all, I (will be) an Indie, and God knows life is not easy for an Indie author. But gosh darn it, I’m thrilled for Mr. Scalzi. We should be happy for him!

Maybe Mr. Scalzi’s writing is not that great, as some are claiming (I haven’t read anything from him yet), but can you seriously look me in the eye and explain “Fifty Shades of Grey”?

No, you cannot. And I highly doubt Mr. Scalzi’s writing sinks that low.

Oh, and $261 k per book is awesome as fuck. Let’s say he makes $1,5 with every book sale: that’s almost $400 k a YEAR. For ONE book. Can 98% of Indie AND traditionally published authors out there look me in the eye and say they make more than that with ONE book?

If Stephen King said, “Oh, yeah, that’s a pitiful amount. Preposterous, just preposterous!” I’d understand. He can look me in the eye and say that.

98% of the writers out there? Nope.

Mr. Scalzi earned this deal, people.  So stop the Shadenfreude and be happy for a fellow author.